Air Fryer-AF9201

* 110-120V/60Hz 1400W;220-240V/50Hz 1500W
* Multifunctional air fryer with 7 preset programs for French * Fries,Steaks/Chops,Fish,Shrimp,Chicken,Baking,Rotisserie.
* Rapid hot air circulation cooking systerm to fry food faster,evenly and save energy.
* Healthy way for frying without oil or 80% fat less.
* LED display with touch screen.
* Adjustable temperature control 80-200℃.
* Timer up to 60 mins with ready singnal and auto shut off.
* Double protection circuits for watching the frying food any time.
* 3.5L removable frying basket and nonstick coating;
* Dishwasher safe frying basket and basket holder base for easy clean up.
* Cool-touch housing and handle.
* Non-slip feet