Household appliances industry: Golden Week home appliances perform well, average sales price enters upward cycle
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Ministry of Commerce monitoring data show that during the Spring Festival in 2021, the national key retail and catering sales are about 821 billion yuan, an increase of 28.7% compared with the golden week of the Spring Festival in 2020 (including digital home appliances + 29.9%), and an increase of 4.9% compared with the golden week of the Spring Festival in 2019. During the Spring Festival, the sales of home appliances perform well. Since 2021, the domestic sales of home appliances continue to improve, and the exports continue to maintain a high heat, and continue to strengthen the industry recovery expectation. We continue to be optimistic about the performance of 2021h1 household appliances under the low base of domestic sales, and improve the performance of upward and export orders. On the one hand, the status of the industrial chain gives the leading enterprises a stronger advantage in order acquisition, and the internal and external demand environment strengthens their position in the industry. On the other hand, small household appliances with strong export driving force and advantages in domestic sales are still expected to maintain a high momentum.

The off-line format of optional consumer goods has recovered significantly

Driven by the measures of celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot, the demand for optional consumer goods of key retail enterprises picked up. Although the Spring Festival is not the peak season for the sales of household appliances, due to the improvement of more supporting measures for the local new year, the consumption experience of large household appliances has been improved, and household appliances have a good performance. According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, during the Spring Festival from New Year's Eve to the sixth day of the first month (February 11-17, 2021), the digital sales of home appliances of retail enterprises monitored by the Ministry of commerce are + 29.9% compared with last year's Spring Festival. In addition to home appliances, sales of some optional consumer goods are also recovering significantly. Jewelry, clothing and communication equipment are + 160.8%, + 107.1%, + 39.0% compared with last year's Spring Festival. Offline business recovery, Suning e-buy (002024) spring festival consumption big data shows that during the Spring Festival, Suning e-buy offline store sales resumed rapid growth, and the sales of home appliances and 3C products increased by more than 40% year on year.