Many household appliances have duplicate functions
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Someone bought a household bread maker and a household flour mixing machine. In fact, most of the bread makers have the function of mixing dough and making dough, which can completely replace the living dough machine. It's a bit wasteful to buy a simple flour mixing machine. The flour mixing machine takes up a lot of space, and its actual utilization rate is not high.

Someone bought a home electric oven, and later found that the air frying pan is good, so they started an air frying pan. I don't know that the two functions are very similar. Some electric ovens can cook, but the air frying pan can't.

Let's talk about smart TV

Smart TV usually can watch TV programs without connecting to set-top box, such as CCTV, satellite TV and so on. Although the price of this kind of model is much higher than that of ordinary model, many families still actively start with it, because there is no need to install a set-top box, and there is no need to pay the cost of watching TV every year.

This is true in theory, but not in practice.

First of all, the more functions of household appliances, the higher the failure rate. In fact, a set-top box is built into the smart TV to watch TV programs. This kind of set-top box is also sold separately on the Internet, most of which are less than 200 yuan. The local radio and Television Bureau, China Mobile and China Unicom charge more than 200 yuan a year. But putting a set-top box into a TV is part of smart TV. When you use it, you also need to download the app, which takes up the memory of the intelligent part. Like the mobile phone, it sometimes gets stuck and needs to be cleaned, updated and upgraded constantly.

If you know that if you put less than 200 yuan into the TV, the price has increased by more than 1000 yuan, do you feel a big loss.

Secondly, the configuration update of set-top box will be more troublesome for TV. Some people find that it's not easy to use, so they don't need to use it at all. To configure a set-top box again wastes a function in vain, and costs a lot of unjust money inside and outside.

Moreover, the more functions of household appliances are, the more complicated their operation is. In particular, the elderly at home can't play at all, and it's hard to watch TV at will, so they have to ask for help. Instead of spending money, why buy so many?

Therefore, simply from the aspect of smart TV watching network TV, I suggest saving the money of smart TV's built-in set-top box and configuring a special set-top box. In this way, you can save money, and your viewing quality and later update and maintenance will be more convenient.

Now the household appliances are updated very quickly, and the functions are repeated a lot. If we can do the following in the selection, we will save a lot of heart and money.

1. Don't be greedy for more functions, expensive is not necessarily the best, suitable for their own is the best.

2. Buy the most practical functional electrical appliances, try to be familiar with the operation of learning electrical appliances, let it make the best use of. For example, if you buy a broken wall, you don't need to buy a grinder; if you buy an electric pressure cooker, you can save money on rice cookers, pressure cookers and micro pressure cookers.

3. Some families need intelligent life, and some families can't use it for the time being. Today's washing machines, refrigerators, etc. can be used for remote monitoring, even the light switch can be done in different places. That is to say, even if you are not at home, you can also do housework, which is the power of intelligence. At present, household appliances have reached this level, but many families do not have such use habits. Therefore, it is wise to choose household appliances based on the principle of no waste.

4. Learn more, keep up with the times, don't be confused by the sales beak, purchase large household appliances should be more measured, try not to buy idle function and chicken ribs function.

5. Smart life is one aspect of the future life. Although you can't use the functions of some household appliances right now, you may use them in the next two or three years. Choosing what you need and getting to know them will be of great help to your choice of consumption.