How to use household appliances?
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In the process of using household appliances, when the short circuit, overload, contact resistance is too large, it may produce a great deal of heat in a very short time, causing the combustion of combustible materials around, resulting in fire. Attention should be paid to the following in daily household use of electrical equipment:

1. Service life

Household appliances have service life requirements, not "permanent brand", which is easy to be ignored. "Over age" household appliances may become a "time bomb" in the home, causing security risks.

2. Safe placement

Household appliances should be placed in moisture-proof, sun proof and ventilated places. Flammable and explosive materials should not be stored around. All kinds of plugs and sockets should be away from fire sources.

3. Cut off the power when shutting down

TV, air conditioning and other electrical appliances use remote control to shut down, and its power transformer is always in the state of power on, which is a safety risk. For household appliances that are not used for a long time, pull out the plug and cut off the power supply.

4. Avoid working long hours

Air conditioners, televisions and heaters should not be operated for a long time, especially for televisions, which should be turned off to dissipate heat if they are used for 5 hours at most.

5. All electric bicycles are not allowed to enter the building

It is strictly forbidden to park electric bicycles in emergency exits, evacuation corridors and staircases to charge electric bicycles or batteries.

In addition, if you want to buy new appliances