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  • Last year, the export of home appliances exceeded 80 billion US dollars


    According to the China household electrical appliances association, China's household electrical appliances industry will recover steadily in 2020. The main business income of the whole industry will reach 1.48 trillion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of only 1.06%.

  • Household appliances industry: Golden Week home appliances perform well, average sales price enters upward cycle


    Ministry of Commerce monitoring data show that during the Spring Festival in 2021, the national key retail and catering sales are about 821 billion yuan, an increase of 28.7% compared with the golden week of the Spring Festival in 2020 (including digital home appliances + 29.9%), and an increase of 4.9% compared with the golden week of the Spring Festival in 2019

  • Many household appliances have duplicate functions


    Someone bought a household bread maker and a household flour mixing machine. In fact, most of the bread makers have the function of mixing dough and making dough, which can completely replace the living dough machine.

  • Winter commonly used household appliances maintenance and cleaning skills guide!


    Household appliances need regular maintenance, in order to make them have a longer service life, especially in cold winter, proper maintenance is a part of daily life, so how to maintain household appliances? Do you know? The following and "future home decoration network" together to see the winter commonly used household appliances maintenance and cleaning skills guide!

  • How to use household appliances?


    In the process of using household appliances, when the short circuit, overload, contact resistance is too large, it may produce a great deal of heat in a very short time, causing the combustion of combustible materials around, resulting in fire. Attention should be paid to the following in daily household use of electrical equipment: